Shandor Hassan en Vitrine

©Shandor Hassan, Tree, 2005, série MOTEL 2000-2008

Pour sa nouvelle exposition La Vitrine de la SFP présente une photographie du photographe américain Shandor Hassan.

Né en 1968 aux Etats-Unis (Los Angeles, Californie), Shandor Hassan étudie la photographie à l'Université du Nouveau Mexique. Depuis une quinzaine d'années, il concentre son oeuvre sur le paysage urbain américain, comme le témoignent ses différentes séries American Journey, Manhattan Project, on the Ground, Motel, Collection of Objects, 1-9, et enfin Brooklyn. Il s'installe à New York en 1996, où il enseigna à l'International Center of Photography. Il vit et travaille actuellement à Budapest, grâce à une bourse Fullbright pour la photographie. (

La photographie exposée dans la Vitrine (Tree, 2005) fait partie de la série MOTEL, réalisée entre 2000 et 2008 :

"MOTEL is an excerpt from a drive at night. A fiction. These are spaces that are often passed on a journey to somewhere else. They are my destination here. I am monumentalizing them. Through form, color, light, void, and space; they are explorations of architectural space, a search for place and home, and about a future and a past. I photograph at night to make the objects/subject and spaces feel as if they are detached from the rest of the environment both physically and psychologically. They are theatrical stages, explorations of the American Dream and the American drama.

“What would this country look like as a colony, as a place in outer space on another planet, on the moon?” I asked myself in the course of making these photographs - while standing on the border of America and outer space, I am taking in the vastness of the moment and searching for meaning.

MOTEL is about place defined by the automobile; life become transient temporary experience, detached from place and the sense of cultural community, and connected by an elusive time and scale.

Ultimately the work reflects my own journeys in the night. I came into this world traveling the road, the car became home, safe sanctuary - an extension of my own body and lens, projector, frame, wrapped in one to view the vast American landscape and the universal journey through time and space that we are all taking."

©Shandor Hassan, Truck, série MOTEL 2000-2008


A song, a requiem for the road, a desire for the future, leave me here by the poolside, or the roadside, by the wayside, by the telephone booth, the rest stop, the empty parking lot calling out believe me! “this is your home”. And its true I am comfortable there in that open space. I am on my path, not the western sky, not the immortal pacific coastal dream, and discoveries of gold and silver, maybe just a slot machine in Vegas, a black jack table victory, I am just on a journey in the midst of lost time, and rediscovering the paths beyond the visible.

I find my way, in your presence. But let me rest one more night, and have that sweet feeling of home, along the way from here to there I will find my solitude and dreams, in a tangle of clean sheet and a channel changer, and maybe in a local bar.

SH 2008 (from Motel diaries)

©Shandor Hassan, série MOTEL 2000-2008

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